Julio Nutt, Lead Master Instructor at Jim McLean Golf School, Biltmore Hotel

Julio Nutt is a certified McLean Instructor who has spent countless hours watching Jim McLean teach amateurs and profesionals. Julio has had the opportunity to do many Golf Schools with Jim McLean and has shared many learning experiences at staff meetings ofter run by Jim McLean. Julio has been at the Jim McLean Golf School at Trump National Doral since 2007 and has taken advantage of every opportunity he has had to learn and improve his knowledge of the game. 

Always motivated to kee on learning and developing his teaching skills Julio Nutt has traveled to many other Golf Schools and Golf Summits to meet, learn and share with many other of the top instructors like Sean Foley, Martin Hall, Einar Petersen, James Lietz, David Orr, Brian Manzella, Dr. Rob Neal, Andy Plummer, Martin Ayers, Joe Mayo and many others. Julio enjoys challenging himself to be the best instructor that he can be and he is very open minded to listen, learn and understand what other are teaching even if it differs from the McLean system.

Julio Nutt is very proactive to each oportunity he gets to grow the game and to share his Golf knowledge. Julio currently writes instruction articles for Fairway, a well stablished Golf magazine published in Colombia, Panama and Venezuela, he is also a contributor to Golf360.com, Revolution Golf, Vive el Golf on CNN Espanol and for the Golf Channel Latinamerica. 

Julio Nutt share time and knowledge with the best in the Golf Instruction Industry. In this picture while playing at McArthur Golf Club with Instructor Bobby Cole who played and won on the PGA Tour for many year, Dr. Robert Neal who is one of the world's authorities in Golf BioDynamics and Chris Toulson who is a top Golf Instructor at Sunningdale Country Club in NY and who was the director of instruction at the Jim McLean Golf School for many years. 

Motivated to become a top instructor, Julio Nutt launched his teaching carear by setting up a teaching Golf Studio in Miami, Florida. It took him 6 months from start to opening and he thought in his private studio from early 2004 until he moved to the Jim McLean Golf School in April 2007, where he started working as an assistant while he completed his certification process and got the opportunity to become a certified instructor.